President Obama, a non-sequitur and leader of the notorious veritaphobics!

Could Americans ever known that presidential candidate, Senator Obama, would migrate from a simple message about ‘hope’ and ‘change’ to becoming a master of confusion from…

One of Abbott and Costello‘s best-known skits was “Who’s on first What’s on second.”

This skit exposes a conversation whereby only one person understands the discussion. Could it be a prime example of how America now feels about President Obama?

With the support of President Obama, the BM (Big Media) introduced the world to our first public report of a “White-Mexican,” George Zimmerman. Since President Obama was a co-conspirator, then wouldn’t it be more appropriate to refer to him as our “White-Black” President and no longer dub him exclusively as a Black?

Let’s first be clear and understand “all” Americans empathize and support the healing of the parents, family, friends, and loved ones of all that were involved in this unfortunate incident in Florida. Most families we know are praying for the families and support the end to the violence and hatred being spread by the likes of BM, Jesse, and Al — obviously with nothing better to do but feed the racial biases, hate, tensions, and discontent, instead of waiting for justice to take its course, as it will.

Like Al and Jesse, the BM is equally predictable. Their constant promotion of this incident is simple to understand. Veritaphobic religious leaders always seek to promote schemes. In the dark of night, they give birth to ideas that would probably seem to most as nothing short of “fact” and “decency” debates. However, they have no known boundaries to the depths they will sink in their dastardly hidden goals and agendas. If one doubts this, ask any conservative person attacked by these vigilantes.

For some reason, the BM reports Mr. Zimmerman is 1/2 Hispanic and 1/2 White. To conservative Americans, this doesn’t make any difference because conservatives judge people by their character not the color of their skin.

Liberals, however, measure infinitesimal degrees of skin color and arrange DNA to support their financial and/or political advantage. This means that if they measure DNA and discover it is Black on Black, then the incident amounts to a zero sum gain.

As an example, perhaps you may have missed a much worse situation than the Zimmerman incident. It was a shooting incident that occurred in Chicago (the first White-Black President’s Home Town), Chicago Violence: At Least 52 Shot, Seven Dead Over The Weekend (UPDATED) Posted: 06/21/10. Justifiably, why shouldn’t we question the whereabouts of President Obama, the Black Caucus, Jesse, and Al? Where were CNN, MSNBC, and all the other BM’s? Where were the “hoodies” on the floor of the House?

What’s truly sad is BM’s reporting that this Black Congressman wore the hoodie to “Honor” the young man killed in the Zimmerman incident. Shouldn’t this wise member of the Black Caucus plead with the Black teens to stop acting like “gangsta“? Shouldn’t the Black Caucus members plead with President Obama to issue “school vouchers” to remove their children from the influence of gangs, crime, murders, and everything ill in our societies?

Therefore, we can now confirm that a black child’s death is meaningless to all but the family members. BM, Jesse, and Al see the dollar signs and they are already cutting themselves into the lotto winnings from the upcoming lawsuits that will follow from litigation against the community that had public servants monitoring any strange and unusual activities within their neighborhood.

Mr. Zimmerman having been skilled in concealed weapon carry laws knew from the moment he saw this unfortunate young black man in their neighborhood wearing clothing that simulates gangsta intent, that using any firearm is the “last” choice of self-defense. Concealed carry laws teach every licensed holder to do everything possible to avoid conflict and depend upon higher authorities — when possible. Why then would Mr. Zimmerman choose to use his gun unless it was in self-defense?

Like BM, Jesse, and Al, President Obama runs around America (on American Taxpayer Funds) spewing as much hatred and class warfare as is possible. To him, words mean everything and actions are meaningless. He tells America he wants to help us with the costs of energy, but shuts down US operations in the quite of the night by other Federal agencies. He tells us he wants to create a better society while he forces us closer and closer to a Socialized system. He says he wants to help us with heath care costs while driving up their costs.

Best of Finance Friends

Many Americans now confirm that President Obama has two mouths and no ears. He never hears what America wants while having diarrhea of the mouths! Check out his Twitter account and see what he is saying about the price of gasoline, the costs of health care, freedom, independence, the US Constitution, how he’s cutting spending, how he plans to balance the budget, how he plans to help Black families to get away from the ghettos and the murders that have grown commonplace, and the massive murders of unborn children! No, you won’t find those topics but you’ll find lots about how much he needs our money and his next fund-raising activities!

It won’t be that much longer before the Zimmerman case and the first White-Black Presidential election facts will be exposed and adjudicated. If we were a betting person, the first White-Black President will be “red-faced,” eventually!



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