If you’re dummer ‘n a fence post… you must be a Republican Party Leader!

If you are like most people sitting around the kitchen table talking, do you ever ask the women in your presence why they ‘really’ take birth control pills?

If you are speaking with anyone about the political scene now days, you can’t help but wonder where the Republican Political Party is coming from or going toward. Imagine something done by Obama like this…

and what do the Republicans say in response?

Let’s please talk about birth control and force women to tell us publicly why they take birth control pills!

Now the Republicans — the last bastion of support America believes is needed to uphold our US Constitution, are willing to surrender to the Democrats, demolish our Constitution, and breach everything that holds the political party together by forcing women to publicly expose their “real” reason for taking birth control pills!

Is it any wonder why they can’t win a Presidential election when they have all the odds in their favor? Well I guess the Republicans have really done it this time. They have slammed their noses up against the Democrats fist!


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